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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shadow's Caress Cover!

I have the cover for Shadow's Caress! This is my February 1, 2011 release from Harlequin Nocturne Bites.

The quick blurb for the story is: A vampire trapped in a hellish limbo has one hope to reclaim his life as the undead--the hunter who tried to kill him.

Malachi James is the vampire who's stuck in limbo and he hates it. No one can see him or hear him--not humans, not other vampires, and if there are others trapped with him, he's unaware of them. The only person who can sense his existence is Cass.

Cass Lanier walked away from vampire hunting after Malachi opened his eyes and met her gaze while she was staking him. Now some presence is hanging around, arousing her, and she thinks it's him--her last vampire.

Cass has bigger trouble than she knows--yet. The vampire hunters have discovered she didn't follow all the steps necessary to kill a vampire and they plan to take her out.

You can check out an excerpt on my website, but I haven't found the story for sale anywhere yet so there aren't any active buy links. I'll have those up as soon as Shadow's Caress is available.

I wish I could post the pictures of the models I used for Cass and Malachi, but I don't want to violate the photographers' copyrights. The couple on the cover don't look much like them and that always makes me want to share what they really look like. :-)

I can describe them though. Cass has short, dark hair and a pixie face. She's 21, not young for her years, but she's a little flip and has a kind of off-center way of thinking. She's a lot of fun and doesn't do a lot of angsting even in the midst of being chased by men who want her dead.

Malachi was 22 when he became a vampire. He's got light brown hair that's kind of shaggy and usually falling into his eyes. He loses his American accent when his control slips and speaks with an English accent, one he's cultivated over the centuries. He doesn't hold grudges or hate Cass for staking him because he understands that humans fear vampires. Also, he believes that bitterness and the need for revenge hurt the one who seeks these things and he just doesn't go there.

With that, here's the cover for Shadow's Caress.