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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Better Be Precise

On Tuesday I blogged about this new voice that had come in and started talking to me. I figured out which world he belongs to and it is one I know about. I asked him if I knew his world and he said no. The thing is that he wasn't really lying--my question wasn't precise enough.

I asked if I knew his world and he's right, I don't know it. I have almost zero details about any piece of it. I should have asked something more along the lines of: do I have a wisp of a clue about the world in which your story will take place. Or something else convoluted and lawyer-like. Instead, I figured no was no.

This really shouldn't surprise me. I've had characters who've done this precision thing with my questions before. I don't know why they can't answer simple questions when they know what I'm asking. This is usually a hint that they're not going to be real cooperative to work with either.

Not that any of my heroes and heroines generally are. They always make my life miserable. And yet I still hope with every new set of characters that this time will be different. It never is.

So this character came in and what I heard him say was so dark that I wasn't sure if he was a hero or a villain. Then he gives me an answer that was not helpful to me because I didn't ask the question precisely right. Awesome. He's just going to be so much fun to work with. Sigh. Maybe it's a good thing that his story is a little way off yet. (I don't have enough information yet to even reach a percolation stage.)