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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Writer's High

I'm working on a proposal right now that's been sheer fun. Even when the writing was hard, I was still having fun. And believe me, writing the synopsis for this was pure and utter misery. Maybe because I wanted to be working with the characters, not trying to sum up what might happen in the book.

This pleasure I'm finding is why I write and it's making me want to spend more and more of my time working on the story. I'm getting writer's high, which is like the best thing ever. :-) The thing that makes it so cool is that it's happening as I'm revising the first three chapters. Normally, I don't reach that place until I'm in the last hundred pages or so of the book. I'm just loving this story.

My desire to keep writing, though, is leading to a few problems, like mostly staying up too late at night working. Last night was another one of those. I was still making progress, still having fun, and although I knew I should go to bed, I didn't want to stop.

The problem part comes in the next day. I have trouble getting up for the Evil Day Job (EDJ), and the writing becomes harder when I'm really tired. Everything looks like crap then even if it's not.

But wow, even knowing this is going to be something I have to be careful of today, I wish I was writing right now. I had a logic flaw a friend pointed out--not a huge one, but enough to trip things up--and I hit the spot in revisions last night. This morning, I figured out how to fix it. I want to fix it now. The idea of having to wait is making me antsy.

BTW, if this blog is a little disjointed, blame it on my late night of writing. Please. :-)

So as soon as I can manage it, I will fix my flaw. It's going to require a tweak in chapter 2, which I thought I'd finished revising, and an even smaller tweak in chapter 3. Today needs to fly by at the EDJ. Please!