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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pirates, Ahoy!

The trailer is out for Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and I'm both excited about it and leery. Excited because the first PoC movie was completely awesome and Johnny Depp is damn smoking hot. I especially like him as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Tempering my enthusiasm, though, is my memories of PoC 2 and PoC 3. Both were pretty bad and lost everything that made the first movie so much fun. In fact, the third movie (IMO) betrayed the characterization that was created in the earlier movies for Will Turner. The Will Turner who came out at the end of the original movie would never have betrayed Jack.

Here's hoping PoC 4 recaptures the awesomeness of the first movie and doesn't rely on special effects and stupid story elements like the kraken.