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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Which Version?

I hate it when a song I want to buy has multiple versions because then I have to figure out which version I want. If it's just a remastered song or one copy is on the Best Of album then it's not a big deal. I know what that is, but a lot of times it's unclear.

Last week I wanted to buy a copy of Good To Be Me. I Googled the lyrics I remembered to get the name of the song and who sings it and then went to buy.

And found three versions. My choices were the regular song, the Deluxe version, and the River Road (River something) rendition. I figured out the Deluxe one had to do with the album and not the song, so I had it narrowed down to two options. I listened to a sample for each of them, but that didn't help me because of the parts of the song in the sample. The lengths were different; one was 4:12 and the other was 4:01.

I decided to Google this and didn't find anything helpful. I did find something interesting, though. The song had received "unsolicited" airplay and this bulletin board had people complaining that this song had gotten the play. There was another, more worthy country singer who hadn't gotten unsolicited airplay like this. I was like, whoa. There are really people discussing things like this? And becoming angry on behalf of another singer? I had no idea that fans kept track of stuff like that.

But I digressed. Sorry. So none of my search results that I checked were helpful. I decided to go to my local radio station's website, hoping they'd list which version of the song they played because that was the one I wanted. I had trouble getting parts of their site to load, including the listing that contained this song. I did find a video for it, played it, but it never said which version it was.

With nothing guiding me the direction I wanted to go, I punted and selected the longer version. I played it when it finished downloading and realized immediately that I'd bought the wrong one. Figures, doesn't it?

I ended up going back and buying the other version. This is the one I wanted. I probably should have figured it out sooner since this mentioned it "featured Kid Rock," but just because the other one didn't say that, didn't necessarily mean he wasn't singing on it. I've run into that before. But in this case, it was accurate.

Mission accomplished, it just took two tries to reach the goal.