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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Guilty Pleasure

Another of my guilty pleasure movies is Night of the Comet. When a comet passes near Earth, those directly exposed die immediately, those indirectly exposed become zombies, and those who were protected have to battle the zombies to stay alive.

This movie has some really good lines. One of my favorites comes after the secondary heroine's automatic weapon jams: Daddy would have gotten us Uzis.

One of my favorite moments, though, comes at the end of the movie. The human population of Earth is next to non-existent, but there are the hero, heroine, secondary heroine, and 2 kids waiting for the walk sign to appear so they can cross the street.

The secondary heroine is like What? And the heroine says something along the lines the mantle of civilization rests on their shoulders.

In disbelief, the secondary heroine says, Are you nuts? There's no one here. And to prove her point, stands in the middle of the street and spins around--only to nearly get hit by a car. The guy stops and looks at this girl and says, Sorry, but you shouldn't cross against the light.

I love that part.

What got me thinking about this movie is that I'm listening to an audio book called The Well Dressed Ape that looks at humans the way biologists classify other animals. One of the things I heard was about how we create rules to maintain civilization, so that there aren't fights and battles and we can continue in basically harmonious day to day living.

It's turned out to be an interesting book and might review it if I can remember enough to hit the high points when I finish listening to it. I'm finding it hugely interesting to hear theories on why humans act the way we act and why our bodies evolved the way it did.