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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aside From Writing...

That online class I took last week was on branding, something I really have trouble with despite being an advertising major in college. I tell people that I was trained to handle multi-million dollar accounts, not nickel and dime operations like I am. :-) I haven't had time to read the lessons yet because I was deluged with email from other class members on Day 1, and this weekend (when I meant to catch up on posts), I got sick and had no brain power.

But one of the things I think I caught scattered among the nearly 1000 posts this class generated in one week was that we shouldn't blog about writing, that it only interests other writers. What we should blog about are other things we're involved with/interested in.

This makes sense to me, but it raises the question: What the hell do I blog about if I stay away from writing and my stories?


Watching Major League Baseball. This I could probably do, unfortunately my demographic is women and I'm doubtful I'd attract the right audience to my blog if I picked this topic.

Watching movies. Kind of. I used to watch a movie a week, but that fell by the wayside years ago. I've become so picky, that it's difficult to lose myself in the story because I'm so busy noticing plot holes. Since movies have become work for me (all that analyzing I do), I've mostly stopped watching them.

Reading books. I have no plans to review the books I read. Oh, an occasional non-fiction one now and then if I really loved it, but I won't criticize another author, and a good reviewer should cover the pluses and minuses. I crossed this one off the list pretty quickly.

Playing Hidden Object Games. I suppose I could review these and the demographic is okay since it seems as if a lot of women enjoy these games, too, but there are review sites like Gamezebo who review huge numbers of games of all kinds. I can't compete with that, and they also preview upcoming games. It's the site I go to for reviews and previews. Also, I go in streaks when I play these things, and when I'm busy writing, I don't play much, so that would leave huge gaps.

Flower gardening. I know nothing about gardening. Really. All I did was buy perennial bulbs and plant them. I mulch so I don't have to weed as much. Then I just look out the window and enjoy the color. This does not make for a successful gardening blog. Then factor in that I live in Minnesota and we're talking about maybe six months without anything to talk about even if I did have a clue about what I was doing.

Scrapbooking. I haven't done it in 5 years, even when I did do it, my pages were okay, not great, and I'm not particularly creative with how my pages look. I'd be embarrassed to take pictures of my finished work, especially after seeing what people who are good at crafts can do.

So what does this leave me with? The only other things I do are write (which I'm not supposed to talk about) and go to work. I'm not keen to blog about my day job because then I have to follow all these guidelines my employer has set forth for social media and it's easier to just avoid this and any potential problems it might bring up. And since I can't blog about sleeping, I'm not left with much. :-/

I thought about blogging about computers because I am a major geek this way, but I'm far from an expert and a lot of times I just figure things out by playing with them. And there are gazillion tech blogs out there anyway written by people who know much more than I do. Another fail.

I'm hoping things become clearer when I have time to actually go through the lessons and work on the exercises that were part of them. But looking at my list above, I'm not holding my breath for an epiphany.