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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Social Media Blitz

I have to make an apology here. Back when social media sites first got hot, I joined all the ones I heard about or received invitations to join. MySpace, Bebo, Shelfari...well, the list goes on and on. I rarely visit most of these sites. Some I no longer visit at all.

This weekend, I discovered that I'd been getting messages on my wall at Shelfari. Some are two and three years old. I never saw them. I did post back to the people Sunday, apologizing and thanking them, but wow, am I embarrassed. The first thing I did was check my settings and notifications were turned off. I probably did it and forgot about it.

My philosophy on these sites that I don't visit anymore has been to leave my page up because I figure why not? Maybe it's not updated, but it still has links to my site and stuff, so people who find me, say at Bebo, can link through if they're interested.

I'm rethinking this theory.

Maybe it would be better to delete my profiles at sites I don't visit any longer. That way I won't run into this situation again where I've inadvertently left someone hanging who took the time to leave me a message.

I honestly haven't been to some of these places in years. Sometime a lot of years. I'm on Facebook and things still get backed up there. And I'm on Twitter, which I love. :-) And you can find me at my blogs, but any other place? Hit or miss. From now on, I will try to drop in at Shelfari and Goodreads and check my page, but I'm thinking I should just delete Bebo and add a message to MySpace that I am no longer active there. This might be the way to go.