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Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Post Where I Ask For Opinions

In the Darkest Night is a finalist for Best Paranormal the Daphne du Maurier Award! I received the call Tuesday evening and it made an otherwise long day suddenly turn awesome. :-) If you haven't read this book yet, you can check it out on my website. There's an excerpt and links to buy.

I'm not sure I ever blogged about this, but I upgraded my phone about a year ago. Since I don't use it often, the old, out of date one was fine for me for a very long time. This new phone takes pictures, but all my attempts to email them failed miserably and this is the only way to get the images off. But then a couple of weeks ago, when I renewed my activation, the email function suddenly began to work.

This was very exciting for me! Even better, I could email them to Twitpic and post to Twitter.

But alas, almost as soon as I got this new functionality, Twitpic changed their terms of service. Not only did they take the right to sell users pictures without their permission and without any financial compensation, they also made a deal with some company who wanted to buy the images!

Now the odds of this company wanting my pictures were slim, but who knows what would happen in the future and I found the rights grab offensive in the extreme. I deleted all my pictures and deleted my account.

I moved to yfrog. I set everything up and tried to email a picture through their service. I got a white box where the image should be. I tried a second time on a different day from a different location. More fail. Someone suggested Moby Picture to me and I signed up over there next. This time my test picture worked!

Then I discovered Moby Picture will post to more than Twitter.

This is my long way of saying that I now have it set so that images I email off my phone will post on the blog. Which means you'll be subjected to random pictures at various times. My question to you is do you want me to post images here?

If you feel strongly one way or another, please post a comment or email me through my contact form and let me know your opinion. If enough people don't like this, I'll delete the blog and only post to Twitter and Facebook.