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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sometimes the Weird Is In My Head

Sometimes the weird stuff just happens. This one came from a conversation at work. Sort of. :-)

I was talking to one of the guys last week about how I'd only had one hour of sleep and complaining about how I always start the week sleep deprived because I can't sleep on Sunday nights. He suggested melatonin. Hmm, I thought. It might be worth a try.

So Sunday night, I took a melatonin, went to bed, and fell right to sleep. I was only a little groggy on Monday morning. Here's the weirdness part of the whole thing.

I get up and as I'm walking out of my bedroom, I think, I know Google Images will have pictures of the inside of a NASCAR race car. I'll have the information in no time. And then I had a few sips of coffee (still groggy from the melatonin) and thought, What story am I writing that I need a picture of the inside of a race car?

The answer was I'm not writing that story. I have no idea what I was dreaming last night, but apparently it involved me working on a NASCAR story. This isn't going to happen.

Not to offend any racing fans, but I find auto racing to be almost as boring as golf. Driving around in an oval? Um, okay. If I ever wrote a sports story, it would involve baseball, something I enjoy and know a lot about. But I would like to know what my dream was.