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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh, Yeah--Nocturnal

Over the Fourth of July weekend when I was trying to get pages and pages done on the Work In Progress (WIP), I had a memory jolt. I opened my file every day and while I got a little bit written, I certainly wasn't meeting my own expectations. But as the evening got later, the word count increased. Greatly.

I didn't think much of it the first night, but when it happened on Sunday, too. I stopped and wondered. And then a memory came slamming into me. This had happened before. When I was writing Conor and Mika--both half demons--I could only make good progress when it got dark.

It took a while, but I finally figured out that it's because demons are nocturnal.

I'm working on another demon couple now--or at least one full demon hero and one half demon heroine. It was a light bulb moment. No, I shouldn't have been so slow to figure it out, but in my defense, my other demons didn't insist on nighttime writing. Some characters are just more cooperative and pleasant to work with than others.

Thanks, Andras and Bree (Demon Kissed)! Not so thrilled with you, Nicole and Dak (Enemy Embrace).