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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Tech Savvy Catch-22

I'm pretty tech savvy. Not at the "hire myself out to fix computers" level, but good enough that I can normally handle just about anything the crops up at home. I think it helps that computers don't intimidate me and I enjoy the problem-solving that sometimes goes along with owning one. Not all the time, mind you. Sometimes I get really frustrated when I can't get an issue figured out, but a lot of the time...yeah, I enjoy it.

The fact that I am tech savvy, though, leads to quandaries. For example, I'd love to set up an author page on FB, but I want more than the standard, minimal page that I could put together now. You see, I know there are ways to put together a very professional, polished, functional page. This is what I want.

My quandary? I hate to pay someone else to put this together for me because I know I can do it myself. If I had the time to read up on how to do it and even more time to play around with it. And because I don't have any extra time, I don't read or tinker and no page goes up. For time efficiencies, I should find someone who can do it and just hire it out. But. But I know I can do it. I know I can. And I hate to pay for something that I can do.

Same thing with the formatting my backlist stories for ebook readers. I can do it myself. In fact, I did do it myself on my short stories. But finding the time is hard.

Then there's the control freak in me. I like things perfect. I know if I do my own FB page that I'll get everything exactly the way I want it. When I pay someone else to do it, there comes a point where I have to settle for good enough because of the costs associated. I hate settling. I want perfection. I can't help it.