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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dreamer's Heart

One of the books on my keeper/reread shelf is Dreamer's Heart by Lynn Turner. This came out in the mid-90s and has a story I really enjoyed.

The heroine dreams about a bomber blowing up things. The dreams come true, and when she has another, she knows she has no choice except go to the police. She knows they won't believe her, but her conscience won't let her ignore it.

The hero is a police detective, and because he's the most patient one on the task force, he gets assigned the job of taking statements from the public about the bombings. Rhys calls these people who come in the screwball brigade. The heroine picks up this phrase (she's psychic), and fires it back at the hero as she leaves.

Then the bombing happens, exactly the way she told him it would, and Rhys turns up on her doorstep the next morning. When the feds show up and take over, the heroine is the only way for him to catch the bomber.

I really loved this story! The h/h have great banter back and forth throughout the book and Rhys was hot. :-) The heroine is no one's pushover.

A reviewer on Amazon compared this book to Linda Howard's Dream Man. There are some similarities, but I didn't think the books were that close. Yes, both heroines are psychic, see crimes, and help the police, but those are macro things. At the micro level they're different stories.

The fun for me was the interaction between the h/h more than the suspense. They're just so good together and I was pulling for them to become a couple early in the book. Rhys is alpha, but he's not a jerk and he doesn't use the heroine or betray her. They're a team all the way through and I love it when a story is setup that way. Not that there isn't some friction between the characters--they're attracted and don't want to be--but they both have the goal of catching the bomber and they both need each other to reach this end.