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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Flashback by Terri Herrington is a time travel romance originally released by Silhouette Shadows. I really loved the Shadows line, and except for a few titles that I still need to hunt down, I have (nearly) the complete line. To my great disappointment, Silhouette ended it after a few years.

In Flashback the heroine is a photographer who has some old man come up to her at a shoot and say some weird stuff. It freaks her out and then he rushes off, gets hit by a car, and dies. This shakes her up and she feels responsible.

She picks up an old camera and she decides to do some shooting with it in her home. It ends up transporting her to the 1950s, but it takes a toll on her health. In the 50s, the hero lives in the house that's now hers. He's a doctor, but he's not practicing thanks to some traumatic stuff from the Korean War. They fall in love, but the heroine's sister keeps calling her back to the present. Every time the heroine travels either to the 50s or back to the present, her health is impacted more. Finally the hero tells her she can't come anymore, that he couldn't live with her dying.

The old man that said something weird to the heroine? That, of course, was the hero. :-)

I loved that this was a time travel to an unusual era. Normally, with time travel romance to the past, it's almost always somewhere in the 1800s. I've enjoyed many of those books, too, but it was nice to see something different. The 50s are definitely different.

There's angst in this story. The hero is beating himself up over Korea and the heroine is torn between the hero and her love for her twin sister. Since her sister can call her back to the present at any time, the heroine can't have any contact with her if she wants to stay with the hero. She'll be forced to choose--if she can find a way to stay in the past at all.

Now I feel like rereading this story, but I've wanted to do that with almost every book I've reviewed here.