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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ransom - Julie Garwood

I am a huge Julie Garwood fan. Not only is she an awesome writer, she's a really nice woman and very gracious as I gushed all over her at an RWA conference. Or two. I always say I don't read historicals, but she's the exception. I love Garwood's historical romances. They're awesome! One of my all-time favorites is Ransom.

The heroine rescues a small boy who's been kidnapped by the villain and she returns him to Scotland to reunite him with his family. She meets the hero when she claims to be his betrothed and orders him (through an intermediary) to come to her. The hero is the little boy's uncle/close friend of the family. The hero shows up with his men, and when he sees the boy, he escorts them both to the boy's home.

Um, lots of stuff ensues along the way, of course, and the heroine is determined to return home. She has a mission. I'm never sure how much to say, but it's a romance, so you know the h/h fall in love.

One of my favorite things about Julie Garwood's stories is her humor. OMG, I laugh when I read her books. Her characters are awesome, too, and I care about them and am rooting for them throughout the story.

I found her kind of by accident. I was looking for new authors to read and I decided that if someone had a lot of books at the bookstore, that must mean they're really good. Julie Garwood had a lot of books. I grabbed one of them, The Gift and loved it enough to go back for more. As much as I loved my first Garwood, though, Ransom remains my absolute favorite.

Highly recommended.