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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ooh, Look! Shiny!

The time after I finish a project is always interesting. I'm generally too mentally exhausted to write, but my brain hops between the just finished story to other stories that are in various stages of existence. Like on Tuesday, I mentioned Zach and working out his last name, but that's not the only character or story making an appearance.

My writing buddies might possibly think I'm insane. One day I'll send them an email about one project (usually a pretty lengthy, epic, in-depth email), and the next, they'll get another email on a completely different book. They're lucky they're not in my head. I can switch ideas in the middle of a thought.

I can also get new ideas in the middle of a thought about another project.

It's actually a kind of fun time. Maybe because I'm used to it, the fragmentation of thought doesn't bother me. I can't bounce between ideas when I'm actually writing, so this is my opportunity to indulge my Oh, shiny! writer's brain.

The drawback is that I know I have to choose one of these stories to focus on and let the others continue to percolate in the background. I wish I could project hop like some authors do and work on multiple stories at the same time, but I can't. I've tried and I end up getting nowhere with any of them.

This time, I know which project I'll be working on next. It's the one I put aside to start Enemy Embrace. It also happens to be a story I'm wild about, so it's going to be fun once I can get my head back inside it and the characters.