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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Story One

To continue the conversation about the Blood Feud trilogy I mentioned on Tuesday, I wanted to talk about the characters a little. The first two heroes were mentioned in Shadow's Caress and they're Malachi's friends, the two men he trusted to help him protect Cass.

The first has been with me the longest--Laurent de Brinay. Laurent was French aristocracy before becoming a vampire. He's very much into the finer things in life, but he's starting to feel dissatisfied. Laurent, you see, has a career. He's a businessman, but he's not finding the pleasure in it that he did in the past. It's been eating at him for a while before his story starts and you know I won't let him ignore it once I get my hands on him. Torture them early, torture them often because they always torment me.

His heroine is a demon named Kerris. She's going to be interesting for me to write, I think. At least from what I'm getting of her personality so far. She's a little spoiled, a bit of a manipulator, and she's used to men doing what she wants. She has a problem and Laurent is the one who can help her. Kerris (somehow) knows Isobel, the heroine from Blood Feud and Iso is the one who told Kerris about Laurent.

I'm trying to figure out why Laurent decides to help her. That I don't know yet, but I think it has more to do with his past than with Kerris or even Isobel. I think (and I don't know if this is true or not), but I think he had a romantic interest in Isobel. That could definitely add another layer of difficulty. Not only does he not like demons because of the war vampires fought with them centuries earlier, but he's also not fond of demons because Iso choose a demon prince (Seere) over him. Kind of. Because Laurent didn't really make his interest known to Iso because he realized she was carrying a torch for Seere. But notice how many times I used the words I think. I don't have enough pieces yet to be sure of this.

Anyway, I can see part of the opening scene clearly. Laurent comes out of his office building in the middle of the night and finds Kerris at his car. He's not happy to see her and he's not happy with her attempt to manipulate him.

And since this went longer than I planned, I'll mention couple two on Tuesday.