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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Story Three

Couple three in my Blood Feud trilogy are the sketchiest of the couples. Which doesn't surprise me since they're the final pair.

Michael Lassiter is a wizard. You're thinking, what? There are no wizards in the Blood Feud world. Ah, but there are. They've kind of been skulking in the background, but none of the stories released so far have had them involved in anyway. That changes with Enemy Embrace which comes out in October in Crave the Night.

This world is interesting to me because there are so many groups with so many different agendas. A hero and/or heroine can come from any group at any time. A villain can come from any group at any time.

So Michael is a wizard and a powerful one. He's not thrilled to be in this position because he doesn't want the obligations to his people that come with this power, but he doesn't have a choice about it. I'm honestly not sure at this point how the wizards get involved in the trilogy. More pieces of the puzzle that I don't have yet. Maybe (and this is only a guess on my part) he gets dragged in because of his heroine? Definitely unsure about this.

His heroine's name is Honor. She's a human with power, too. I'm not sure what--exactly--she is yet, though. I also don't know even the vaguest basics about the storyline. All I know is that this is the book where the story wraps up and the bad guy defeated. Beyond that? It's all nebulous.

If you read my post about puzzle pieces from last week, then you know how frustrated I am with how little I've been given. I just have to trust that it will all work out when I do get those pieces.