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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Story Two

Last week I promised I'd continue talking the couples in my Blood Feud World trilogy idea and mention couple number two.

This hero is another of Malachi's friends whom he mentioned in Shadow's Caress. His name is Jet and yes, that is short for something which I won't mention here because it might (or might not) end up being something I use in his story. Jet is an enforcer for all the vampire clan lords, not only one.

If you read Blood Feud, you know Isobel was an enforcer for her clan lord. That puts her in an elite category, but Jet goes beyond that working for all of them. That means he's the elite of the elite, like special forces of the vampire world. He's been assigned by the clan lords to tail his heroine.

Rachel (I'm reasonably sure this is her name) is a rogue vampire. In the Blood Feud world, rogue means unaffiliated with any clan lord. There used to be no rogues until a clan lord died in the demon wars. Since then, many vampires re-affiliated themselves by sharing blood with members of other clans, but there is a large group that didn't do this. This dead clan lord was not a kind and benevolent vampire and none of his now-free constituents want to risk being tied to another clan lord like that. The bad guy in the trilogy is the leader of the rogues, but Rachel has no interest in following him either.

Jet is the one who came in a while ago and was kind of skulking in the shadows. Really. I just had this sense that he was stalking someone. It turns out, he was stalking Rachel. On orders.

This is about all I have about this story. I'm still waiting for more puzzle pieces to show up here.

Tune in Thursday for couple three.