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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby, I'm Yours

The first Susan Andersen book I ever read was Baby, I'm Yours and it made her a Must-Buy author for me.

Catherine is a twin--the responsible, sensible twin. The hero, Sam, is a bounty hunter who thinks Catherine is her sister and he's taking her in. Via Greyhound because he's short on cash. The heroine does everything she can to mess Sam up and slow him down. At least until feelings start to develop between them. Over the course of the story, Catherine learns to let loose a little and not try so hard to be nothing like her twin.

There's also a secondary romance with the twin sister, Kaylee, who learns to be more responsible along the growth arc of her story. In all honesty, I skip the Kaylee stuff when I reread this book. The main romance between Catherine and Sam is just too awesome.

To say I loved this book would be understating things. I really loved it. Catherine is smart and she's no one's pushover. Throughout the book she goes toe-to-toe with Sam and frequently out-maneuvers him.

Sam is sexy and alpha and Catherine keeps him hopping. And frustrates him to no end, not just sexually either.

The book is light romantic suspense and has a lot of humor. I can't think of anyone who does humor with suspense as well as Andersen does. This book is probably lighter on the suspense than some of her other books, but it doesn't change how fantastic this story was. It's a character-driven story and the hero and heroine are completely awesome.

Highly recommended.