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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Unexpected New Car

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I bought a new (to me) car last week. I didn't want a new car-- Okay, let me rephrase. I didn't want to have the car payments that go with a new vehicle. If someone was handing out free cars, that would be a different story.

Anyway, I didn't plan on buying a new car this year, especially when I move to Atlanta just after the first of the year, but my beloved Explorer was having issues. It was a 1998 and it needed transmission work and a new muffler/tailpipe assembly. There was no way I could justify putting that kind of money into a 14-year-old car. I'd known this day was coming and I'd already made my decision on what the replacement would be, but it was still a "no, not now" moment.

I loved my Explorer to bits, but I decided to go with the Edge as a replacement instead. It's a crossover vehicle--part SUV, part car--and I liked the look. The price tag? Not so enamored, but sadly the prices on all cars have gone ridiculously high since I last bought one.

I'd checked out used Edges online, found one I really liked, and took it for a test drive last Thursday. I didn't plan to take it home that night, but since the Explorer I was trading in could die at any moment thanks to the transmission issue, I wasn't left with much choice.

My New Edge

Beautiful, isn't it? (Please ignore the mess in the garage.) I'm trying to get used to it. My 1998 did not have any of the fancy stuff in it that this car does. It's like going from a World War I biplane to flying the space shuttle. I actually had to read the instruction book and my motto has always been: If all else fails, read the directions. Sadly, I bet I'll only use a fraction of the car's features because I'll forget they're there or forget how to turn them on.

Some of what I'm learning. No keys needed. I just have a remote clicky things. I need it with me, but I just keep it in my jacket pocket and press the dashboard button to start.

My cell phone is hooked into the car via blue tooth and I can verbally tell my car to call someone without having to touch anything. I'm not much of a phone person and I hate people who yap on their cells while driving, but this could come in handy at times.

However, I won't need to call anyone for directions on how to get somewhere. Not anymore. The car has GPS built in! This is the feature I really wanted because I don't know the city of Atlanta or it's suburbs at all and I'll need all the help I can get to find my way around.

It's all cool, but TBH, I miss my old Explorer. I recognized the sounds it made, I knew where to look and how to handle it. I do like the Edge, though, and while the car was used, it was still a 2011 and has a ton of bells and whistles on it. More than I needed, but I took what was on the vehicle.