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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Days - Atlanta

I have a couple of first day stories from Atlanta.

First day in the condo. It was chaos. Pandemonium. Comcast came out to install my cable. This was the day my new mattress was being delivered. And the guy who was going to replace the window called and wanted to come out, too.

We had one lawn chair at this point. No other furniture of any sort. I was up and down off the floor multiple times, including lying on my stomach next to the Comcast tech as we tried to get my internet hookup to work. Late that night, after sitting on the floor chatting with friends and watching MLB Network, I tried to get up and felt my knee pop. The pain was excruciating for days afterward.

Not a great beginning in my new city.

First day at work. It was chaos. Luckily, I'd made a trial run to the office the day before and knew GPS was correctly guiding me in. What I didn't know was that I'd arrive amid a mechanic shift change which meant hundreds and hundreds of people coming in to the Tech Ops area. I sat in line, waiting to turn in to the building.

I'm just grateful that I was down in December for a meeting and learned where my department was located. I even managed to find it again without getting lost. None of my boxes had made it from Minneapolis even though I'd had them ready to go ten days early. It's tough to work without your stuff.

But people in my department came by to say hello and I even got a couple of welcome hugs. My boss came by to make sure I had everything I needed and my boss's boss stopped by to thank me for relocating. Later that week, we were treated to a welcome to Atlanta lunch.

This was a great beginning to my new job location.