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Thursday, March 22, 2012

From Idea To Story - Part 6

Monday, March 5, 2012

I started to write. Actually, I shouldn't call it writing, I should call it another stage of Pre-Book because nothing I get in this time is keepable. What happens is that I reach a point where I think I know enough to start the story, I start writing, I struggle. Nothing is right. It's hugely frustrating.

The problem is that no matter how well I know my characters, I need to write them to really get into them. When I worked on Enemy Embrace, I wrote and rewrote the opening over and over and over until I found my heroine's voice. I'm sort of in a similar situation here with the WIP (Work In Progress). I have the hero's voice down already--I think--but his heroine? Not so much. In my head, she's been quiet, not really sharing much and that doesn't make it easy.

My plan is (was?) to open the story in her POV (Point Of View), but when I wrote on Monday, I wrote in the hero's POV. I'd sat there all weekend trying to write from her perspective and had nothing to show for it. I finally decided to just write who I'm hearing and consider it a chance to get to know him better.

And to see her through his eyes since she's not talking.

I like every word to be perfect. This isn't good since it locks me up a lot while I'm writing, but I still strive to have it right before I type in a sentence. Nothing I got while I wrote was right. Finally, I had to tell myself this was simply another form of Pre-Book and to relax.

I did, however, get the hero and heroine's last names while I was sort of writing. This is a good thing.