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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pinterest, Movies, and Book Covers

One of the things people on Pinterest seem to love to do is pin movie posters for films they loved. If I recall correctly, it's one of the default boards, but I could be wrong. Anyway, these movie posters (and those for TV shows as well) quickly became really annoying in my stream of pictures. I didn't want to see dozens of these things and no one it seemed could post only one at a time.

Light bulb moment for me. Posting book cover after book cover would be just as annoying. I was right as several authors I'd friended began to do just this.

The driving factor for me to join Pinterest was sharing the pictures I'd used as inspiration for my stories. I talked about them frequently here, but didn't feel I could share on my blog. I didn't want to annoy anyone, though, so I gave it some thought and decided I'd post the images for one book a day and only one book.

I believe it worked. My stream wasn't inundated with my book pictures--not characters, not setting, not covers. Of course, I've probably annoyed my followers by pinning too many other similar things all at once, but at least they have no reason to be annoyed with my books.