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Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's Time?

I've actually been thinking about time a lot lately and not in relation to writing a time travel book. I lived my entire life in Minnesota (the central time zone) until January when I moved to Atlanta (in the eastern time zone). To my surprise, this hour difference has impacted everything for me.

For one thing, I can't get anything done. In Minnesota, I would get home from work, do an online check-in to make sure nothing important was going on, I'd walk for 4 miles, go over to my parents' house to check on them (and cadge dinner since my dad is an awesome cook and I am not), and then get home in time to write before it was too late for me to think straight.

That doesn't happen here in Atlanta. I get home get through item 1 and 2 from my MN list and then it's like bedtime. Seriously. I don't know where the time goes. Then, when I do get to bed, I can't sleep because my body thinks it's too early. It thinks the same thing when the alarm goes off in the morning. I'm perpetually exhausted here and perpetually not getting anything done. At all. It's so frustrating.

To make it all worse, Daylight Savings Time hit and made it all worse.

I keep thinking I'll get used to it. After all, it's just an hour. But I'm still having trouble with it and it's been months. How much longer can it take? Will I ever get used to it?