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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Maybe a Glimmer

I blogged recently about how much trouble I'm having getting back into writing after a long absence from it. My struggles continue, but I think there might--maybe--be some improvement. Characters are giving me information again! They're still not giving me story words and I still don't have keepable work, but I'm hopeful that it will come now that the silent treatment has ended.

What's funny is the characters that started sharing were not on my radar screen. They're not new characters since the hero has been hanging around since 2005 and his heroine since 2006, but their story had been filed in my inactive project folder.

The other interesting thing about that is that this hero and heroine were the second couple in a three book trilogy and I'd done nothing with their story in the past. Although, I wonder if maybe that's why they were the ones to talk. It makes sense that it would be a couple about whom I had no preconceived ideas to mess me up.

On the other hand, I had a brand new couple on a project I should be working on, but after an initial spurt of information, they went silent. I'm not sure what this means except that this couple and their story were for publication whereas the old couple from six years ago can be written just for me. :-) Yes, I'd like to get them out there, but there isn't any expectation on my part, if that make sense. Less pressure means easier to write?

I hope so, but we'll see.