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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Condor Chick Update

still love Condor Cam and I thought I'd share some more condor chick pictures. Saticoy (a boy) was born March 10 and the last time he was weighed, he was 12 pounds with a wing span of about five feet. He's getting to be a big boy.

The big events, though, have happened in the last couple of weeks. First, Saticoy finally was able to jump onto the ledge of his nest box! He tried and tried and he'd either not make it high enough, or once he could get high enough, he'd lose his balance after a couple of seconds and fall down. He's solved that problem.

The other exciting milestone is that over the weekend Saticoy finally jumped outside his nest box. He still spends most of his time inside, but according to the San Diego Zoo's blog, he'll spend more and more time outside until he's old enough to fly.

So here are the latest Saticoy pictures:

This is Saticoy's dad with the reddish head and the wing tags. Saticoy has his wings out--it's a begging posture--and his father is feeding him.

This is Saticoy hanging out with his dad.

Saticoy is sitting on the ledge and in the upper portion of the picture, you can see the tail feathers of one of his parents. Saticoy has more and more of his big boy feathers, but you can still see all the down on the backs of his wings.

Another picture of Saticoy on the ledge. He's watching one of his parents who is outside.

Saticoy getting some attention from mom.

Here's Saticoy--finally outside! He's enjoying the afternoon with his dad.

I screen shot this picture last night. Saticoy is yawning in this picture. Again, he's outside. As far as I know, this is only the second day he's gone outside. Pretty darn awesome!