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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Surfing Safari

I blogged a while back about how I develop the same interests my characters have and that my obsession usually leaves shortly after the hero and heroine do. I've got a new twist on this now and I'm not sure why it happened.

You see, I have this hero and heroine and the heroine's father is really into competitive surfing. As a young man he competed and now he just watches others compete.

In some odd quirk of osmosis, I've developed an interest in surfing.

Oh, believe me, I'm not getting on a surf board myself. My water phobia is a little too deeply ingrained (and I recently read about the surfer in Australia killed by a Great White while on his board). But I've found myself watching surfing videos and pinning surfing pictures. I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to surfing called Hang Ten. And right now I have a surfer as the wallpaper on my laptop.

I've kind of been shrugging it off. I'm a writer--weird stuff happens in my brain all the time. This is just a little bit stranger than usual.