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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bucket Lists

Since I've joined Pinterest I've seen a lot of Bucket List posts. I started a board of my own, but as I write this, I only have two things pinned to it. The first is to visit all fifty states. I've actually done a good job on this so far.

The states in white are the ones I haven't gotten to yet. Five of them, though, are within spitting distance of Georgia (where I live now).

My other item is Join Starfleet. What can I say? I love Science Fiction Romance for a reason, right? :-) Plus, how hot is Chris Pine? heh!

I guess I've been really fortunate in my life. The Pinterest board I set up for the Bucket List items I've already completed is much fuller. And if I took the time to seek out items for it, there'd be even more pinned there.

I've done a lot of traveling, both before I went to work for the airline and afterward as well. My parents believed that traveling was educational and they scrimped and saved to send me to Germany and Austria with my German class in junior high school. They also let me go on a class trip to Washington DC and accompany the Spanish class to Mexico.

I've been to Alaska and Hawaii. I saw a humpback whale breach alongside a catamaran I was on in Alaska and I've gone whale watching in Hawaii. And the big travel bucket list item--I went to Australia and spent four weeks there. Most awesome vacation ever.

But the biggest bucket list item of all time for me was selling books to New York and having others read my stories. Getting email from readers who loved my books? Best. Thing. Ever.

Yep, I'm definitely a lucky person.