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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hippity Hoppity

So I'm having trouble writing. Still. It's weird. I'm not burned out--been there, done that--but its as if I can't get the kind of focus I need to connect fully with my characters. I'm thinking (make that hoping) it's stress. I haven't sold my house in Minnesota yet and living in two cities...well, I don't recommend it.

The lack of focus keeps my brain hopping from story to story, and just because my muse must love me beyond all bounds, new plot bunnies keep appearing. Some I don't think will ever have enough meat to them to be a story. Others intrigue me and I find myself turning them over in my mind, trying to figure out how to make them work.

My head is too full of stories right now. :-)

And this might be part of the reason I'm having trouble connecting to one set of characters, too. Unlike some writers who thrive by working on multiple stories at the same time, I need to think about one at a time.

The stories my brain is leaping around include spin-off characters from Eternal Nights. Not just Flare, but also Gravedigger and Z-Man and I find myself intrigued by a younger Troll.

Then there's a hero and heroine from my Blood Feud world. He's intriguing--a dark, wounded soul--but she was something of an enigma until recently.

Third is the couple from the proposal I was revising before I moved to Atlanta. This hero and heroine are two characters I just love to death and I'm for sure doing their story, I'm just afraid to touch it while I'm foundering.

I've also had brief appearances from characters from my post-apocalypse novella idea and the heroes and heroines from random plot bunnies have hopped (pun intended) through my brain.

Anyhow, I'm finding it all very frustrating, but my house is in my thoughts almost constantly now. That makes it tough to settle in on anything.