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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Non-Fashion Passion

I have a cousin who can put on a pair of shorts, T-shirt, and tennis shoes, spend all day outside in July in the heat and humidity and still look polished enough to go to the opera. On the other hand, I can spend two hours getting ready to go somewhere fancy and ten minutes later look as if I were standing outside in the heat and humidity all day. Since I fail at glamor and always have, my personal style is comfort.

Luckily, the heroines I've had come in to talk to me have mostly been casual dressers themselves. And then there was Maia from In Twilight's Shadow. She had that casual elegant look down pat and she wore dresses and skirts. I ended up spending a lot of time online trying to find outfits for her.

Shona from Edge of Dawn dressed up a fair amount in her story, too, now that I think about it. Okay, so I've had two heroines that have forced me to  dress them up.

In an effort to be prepared for future heroines who might want something more than jeans, I've begun pinning all kinds of gowns on Pinterest. I'm hoping to avoid any frantic searches online.