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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I've been thinking about what people think of my house. First it was the painter coming in and seeing the aqua walls in my office (with purple curtains), the pink bedroom with the fuchsia duvet cover and lamp shade, my green bathroom with the Scooby-Doo clock, and my bright blue accent wall in the great room with the Hawaiian paintings.

To me, the house has always been full of personality and whimsy. The painter complimented the colors I'd chosen, but he also agreed with me that they needed to go in order to sell the house.
A few days later—the day after he painted my bedroom and bathroom to be exact—I watched a show on TLC. I think it was called Moving Up. One of the new homeowners commented on how bland and without color this house was that she'd bought. And it was! The most color in the place was some boring maroon stripped wallpaper in the bathroom.

This got me to thinking about what people would see when they came in my house when it was on the market. My blue, aqua, pink and green walls are now all a light tan color called Ladyfinger. It's a pretty boring shade, and while I wish I'd painted my bathroom this color—it really goes well with my counters and flooring—it's not a color I would have used in any other room. This is a shade very similar to the boring house on the TV show and all I could think was people coming in and thinking, wow, this person was really afraid of color.

It's totally untrue!

I love color! My house was full of bright, vibrant hues until the painting happened. I won't do it, of course, but I feel like posting a sign somewhere once it goes on sale that says this. Or maybe a sign that says something about the house being neutralized for your viewing pleasure. :-/ My house might have shortcomings in other peoples' eyes, but being blah was not one of them. Until now.

The upper shot is the great room before and the lower left is great room after the painter was done. My house has been neutralized. I'm sure home buyers will like it better than the bright colors I had, but now the house doesn't feel like me anymore. It feels like all the personality is gone. This makes me very sad.

More pictures below.

Office before. Exciting turquoise/aqua blue color.


And full boring. You have to look to the sides of the bookcase. I forgot to match the after shot to the before image when I took the picture.