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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Pinterest Peeves

There are a few things on Pinterest that make me crazy and it's not just authors doing it. Actually, for the most part, the authors in my stream haven't been overly obnoxious with the promo, although there have been days...

So what is annoying to me?

People who start a new board, pin 500 pictures on it in 10 minutes and then do the same thing with another board. They might never pin another thing on those boards, but the initial push fills my stream with picture after picture of the same damn thing. Today, it was some kind of chair. The same style, just different iterations.

People who pin what I consider gross-out images. Weird body piercings and manipulations and other things along this line just make me shudder. I am very squeamish--it's why I decided against medical school--and seeing some guy with a face filled with needles makes my stomach heave. Who even wants to document stuff like this?

A spin off of the above is the people who for some bizarre reason feel the need to create a board dedicated to serial killers and other assorted murderers. Again, why?

Okay, so I seldom go back and revisit previous pins, but it's like a personal archive in a way. Serial killers? Really?