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Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Spin Me Right Round

Just when you think there won't be more surprises, the universe throws a curve ball. The first Sunday I was home in MN, I leaned forward to dry my hair like I have thousands of times before only this time when I straightened, the room was spinning. Fast. Clockwise.

This led to motion sickness. I do have a tendency toward seasickness much to my disgust. And well, let's just say I did a few Technicolor yawns that I could have lived without.


I'd had it once before, but a very mild case. No matter; I recognized it instantly.
There was only one position that didn't make the world spin—recumbent. I went to bed early, hoping that I'd wake up in the morning improved. I didn't. I called the doctor. My doctor wasn't in Monday and was booked the rest of the week. No other doctor at two clinics had an open appointment. WTF? It's August. Isn't this supposed to be a lighter time of the year since there's not much flu or whatever floating around?

I ended up going to urgent care Monday night. I was bad enough where I couldn't drive and my dad was tied up until later in the day.

After a long wait in the examination room and a few tests, the doctor proclaimed I had vertigo and nothing more. Which earned me a shot in the butt and two prescriptions. It was worth it, though, because the nausea stopped. That was the worst part of the whole thing.

The world is still wobbly and loopy as I type this, but I can sit upright and I don't feel the need to hurl, so I'd say things are looking up.

Update: The vertigo lasted 5 days. It cost me 2 full days of working on my house and slowed me down for three more after that. Then it left as if it had never been there, however, my balance is still off when I am sleepy.