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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Missing Memories

Another story from my time up in Minnesota while I worked on my house.

My MN home cleaning adventures continue. The vertigo finally passed and I was able to get to work. My mom and I were working in the basement and I said to her that the chaos down here was making me nuts and it was hard for me to focus on what needed to be done. So I set her up with a small job and started rearranging boxes of books on the shelves. I actually found two boxes we hadn't gone through yet and we sorted through them, getting rid of more books.

And then as my dad, mom, and I were working, it dawned on me. My high school yearbooks were missing!

Another set of books, too—a Time-Life set on psychic phenomena—but those don't matter compared to the yearbooks. You see, despite all the crap I've discovered in my house, I kept very little from high school. Basically a few small things that I discovered by accident like a graduation program, my tassel from my cap, and my yearbooks.

Of these things, the yearbooks were most important to me. My friends had written in them and while I clearly hadn't looked at the in the six years since I moved, I'd be heartbroken to lose them.

As I write this, we haven't found them yet. My parents are searching their home and we've already gone through every box in mine. This is making me feel just sick. I'm hoping by the time I post this blog, I can add some good news at the end. Right now, I'm scared that isn't going to happen.

Update: Yearbooks were not found. My parents are continuing to search their house, but I've given up hope.