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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I have a board on Pinterest that I titled Sparks. I pin here sporadically, but this board is for those pictures that make my imagination stir.

There doesn't have to be a story spark there or even a character spark. I just wanted somewhere to save pictures that made me go, hmmm. This board has no rhyme or reason to it. There are pictures of people, there is art, and concept technology. Fairies, dragons, the grim reaper, steampunk, and well, you get the idea.

As I looked at some of the pictures today, I couldn't remember why I pinned them. This time around they didn't make my brain start humming. But this only happened with a few pictures.

I'm thinking this could be a really cool method of writing prompts. Instead of a sentence, use a picture.

And maybe that's what all the pictures I save for each story I write is all about...stirring the imagination.