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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Surf Or Die

A while back I mentioned that I had suddenly and inexplicably become fascinated by surfing. I wrote it off, thinking it came from the father of one of my heroines. Odd, but hey, is it any weirder than my characters influencing me?

It turns out I was wrong. Lurking in the recesses of my brain was a hero who surfs.

He sort of made an appearance when I was in Minnesota in August. I say sort of because I was thinking of another hero of mine, one I'd worked on a while back. I always thought he had two brothers, but I only had information on one of them. Finally, though, the youngest brother gave me his name. He did exist!

The surfing fascination got stronger and then I finally had him show up. His heroine took a bit longer. There were a string of epiphanies on this character and his attitude, his conflict, what the emotional story arc is. And of course this is a story that would be out in the future a long, long way.

For a while, it looked as if these characters weren't going to leave me alone and they were beginning to interfere with the story I am working on. It culminated with some time spent looking for pictures of this new h/h. It actually didn't take too long this time--a miracle.

And as soon as I found their pictures, they vanished. I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or relieved. Probably it should be relieved because now I can focus on the h/h I am writing.

BTW, blog title is a reference to a song I heard Doctor Demento play once. You can find the very cheesy video for Surf or Die on YouTube.