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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How To Drive a Writer Crazy

The past couple of weeks have been supremely frustrating for me. And yes, insanity inducing. You see, the hero and heroine I'm supposed to be writing are staying mum. I can't hear a peep out of them, not even a stray comment.

It's not that I'm not hearing voices because I am.

My hero who surfs, he's been talking a lot which really doesn't help me since he meets his heroine at the wedding of another h/h who I haven't written yet. I think I have the opening for his book now, though. Maybe. I'm only right about where a story opens about 50% of the time.

Zach is talking, too. This would be Z Man from my Jarved Nine world. He's not real happy with me right now because he's less than excited about the job he's been assigned, but he'll get over it. His heroine, however, hasn't said a word and I'm pretty sure the strong internal conflict is going to be hers because Z is pretty grounded and solid.

I also have an alien heroine who's on Earth who's talking to me, but there's no real plot to her story and so there's really nothing to write here.

But the h/h I need to be talking to me? You can hear crickets chirp.

This is why I torture my characters. Seriously. They're making me insane, so they totally deserve everything I throw at them.