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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Site Organization Issues

On Tuesday, I posted about the release of my Jarved Nine series on audio. It's hugely exciting for me, but it's also led to a logistical issue on my website. How do I list ebooks, paper books, and audio books in a way that's uncluttered and easy for readers?

I went through this the first time with ebooks and paper. With that problem, I decided to list paper because sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble include links to the electronic versions. Now, as my paper copies have gone out of print, but the ebooks remain active, I've swapped out the links to the electronic versions. But now how do I handle it? I've tried to check out other authors' sites, but haven't found any method that I really like yet.

While I continue to ponder this, I've created a new page on my site and created a link on my books page to the audio books. They're linked to Audible who has all the books available, but that's something else I have to think about-linking to multiple audio book sellers.

It seems to me, there must be some way to organize my website that's clean and easy, but I haven't figured it out yet.