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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Condor Chick

If you followed the blog last year, you know I was fascinated by Condor Cam from the San Diego Zoo. I posted screen shots of the little chick and everything. Well, if you missed Saticoy last year, you have another chance to watch another chick this year.

On March 26th, Shatash and Sisquoc had their 2013 chick hatch. I'll confess, I missed it and that frustrates me because it was born when I was home from work, so I could have seen it. I just didn't check in that day.

It was the most awesome experience last year to watch Saticoy grow up from this itty bitty little bird into a young adult condor. It was a sad day when he fledged and I couldn't follow him any longer.

The parents take turns taking care of their chick. When it's first born and can't regulate its body temperature yet, there's a parent there constantly. When the chick can do this, the parents come in and out of the nest box to feed their offspring.

As the chick continues to grow, he (or she) will begin to flap its wings more, strengthening the muscles, and hop up and down on the box ledge to work on leg muscles. It was so much fun to watch Saticoy reach these milestones in 2012 and I can't wait to watch the new chick this year.