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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another Season Starts

I'm a huge baseball fan and I like to write with a game on, the sound muted. In the winter when there's no baseball, I run into trouble trying to find something I can watch without sound.

Anyway, every year for like the last five or six years, I've ordered the baseball package from my cable company so I can watch whatever game I want. It's called MLB Extra Innings. They've always been the same price as MLB TV, and since it's easier to simply flip on the TV, I've always just gone that route.

Until this year.

This year, MLB TV was $60 cheaper than MLB Extra Innings. Not only that, but MLB TV lets me choose either the home or away broadcast, so if I actually do want to listen to the sound as well as watch the game, I can listen to a good broadcast team. There are some really bad baseball announcers out there. (I'm looking at you Hawk Harrelson.)

I'm not sure yet how well I like streaming the games rather than just watching through cable. I guess I'll decide after I've done it a while longer.

I think I'm going to end up getting some kind of box to stream instead of hooking my computer up to the TV. I'm not wild about Roku since the one box I bought a few years ago crapped out the second time I used it and their customer service pretty much sucked. It also had fits and starts while it streamed, but I could stream the same thing on my computer without any problems at all. But they're about the only game in town if you want to stream more than a few channels.

So maybe this saving $60 thing will end up costing me more money because I would prefer to have a box to stream to rather than hooking and unhooking up the laptop or iPad. I just hope the additional features on MLB TV are worth this.