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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life Without Internet

Another blog written in Minnesota: It's really kind of amazing how dependent I am on the internet. I've jokingly called it Life Support, but it's become such a part of everyday life. I don't have internet while I'm in Minnesota. My parents don't need it and I gave it up when I moved to Atlanta. None of my neighbors were kind enough to leave their networks unsecured.
One of the things I need to do while I'm home is get my taxes done. I thought I'd copied all the information I needed to my computer only to discover I'd forgotten all about the information I had saved on my online email account. Oops.
Today I was getting my hair cut and I used the time at the salon to get that information written down. I didn't have time, though, to do everything else I needed to do and that was so frustrating. And with so much to do on my house, it's not like I can park my butt there and keep using it until I finished.
The other thing that's frustrating is I need to buy a few things for the house—namely new curtains for my bedroom and some new towels to put out in the master bathroom. I shop online all the time. I hate real, go-to-the-store shopping unless I have no other choice. I didn't have time to look at curtains or towels online either. Now I either have to bite the bullet and go to a store or hope the tax guy will let me use his wifi.
It's kind of amazing to realize that in 1999, I was one of the first people I knew to hop online. I remember how frustrated I was over how few businesses—no matter how big they were—had a web presence. I got coffee mugs from Amazon every year in the beginning because I was a good online customer. Among the earliest.
I'm feeling so cutoff right now. I think I need internet anonymous.