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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Lost Is Found

Another blog written in Minnesota: Last summer or early fall, I lamented the fact that my high school yearbooks had been lost when I moved into my house in 2006. I'd been through every box in my house, preparing for a move to Atlanta and they were nowhere to be found.
Or so I thought. The lost has been found!
I'd been so sure they were lost forever, but as I was moving boxes from the center of the basement to shelves, I saw a box that didn't look right. I thought everything in this area was clothes, but this box wasn't a clothes box. Curious about what was in there, I lifted the lid and found my yearbooks.
I don't know how the books got mixed in with the clothes, but I'm just grateful I found them. I kept very few things from high school, but the yearbooks were special and had signatures and well wishes from kids I'd gone to school with. Their (supposed) loss bothered me constantly and I'm so glad they're not lost forever. Also in the box were the other missing books on psychic phenomena, but those were replaceable if I really wanted them.
The yearbooks were irreplaceable. I'm so, so happy they're not lost.