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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mission Impossible

The house I bought doesn't have a built-in toilet paper dispenser in the bathrooms and no towel racks either. The couple who owns the house used one of those stand on the floor dispensers, but that takes up valuable real estate and the bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in the house.

At first I thought about getting a stand on the floor dispenser like they had, space or no space. It would certainly be the easiest way to go, but I could see me knocking it over or walking into it. Nah, best to get something built-in.

So I popped online and figured I'd find what I wanted and it would all be good. Only that's not what happened.

You see, I like the ceramic towel rack/toilet paper dispensers. Maybe it's because when I see the metal ones they're usually the cheap ones that look like crap, but I knew I didn't want metal. Period. The problem was I also did not want white. I wanted an off white, preferably the color they call biscuit, almond or some other color that is off white would work.

Yeah. You can't find it. Anywhere. I spent hours searching online. Hours. It was enough to make me cry.

(And as an aside, thanks so much Google for changing your search a few months back. I can't find anything now and when I try to put plus signs in, you find nothing. That's just so helpful.)

I finally found a set in biscuit on eBay that contains two towel racks, a toilet paper dispenser, and a soap dish. (I don't want the soap dish, but whatever, right?) The man had two sets left which was perfect since I had two bathrooms to outfit. But the shipping charge made me balk. Like more than $15.00 for one set.

After another hour of fruitless searching, including looking up the place in Minnesota where I went to pick out my bathroom stuff while my house was being built, I caved in. (That store in MN apparently doesn't handle anything except flooring now.) It's worth the shipping to not have to waste anymore time trying to find an actual store that carries off white, ceramic fixtures. What a totally frustrating evening.