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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

News for UK Readers

Great news for readers in the UK who were looking for my Nocturne Bites stories in print. Mills & Boon will be releasing one of the Bites I've written in paperback!

The release is scheduled for October 4, 2013, and this information is so new, I haven't seen the cover yet. I'll be joined by two other wonderful authors--Kait Ballenger and Anna Hackett--and the anthology will be titled Vampire Hunter.

I'm not 100% certain which of the two Nocturne Bites stories I've written will appear in the anthology, but given the title, I'm guessing it will be Shadow's Caress. In that story, my heroine is a former vampire hunter and that would fit the theme.

I'll share more information as I get it, but if you'd like to preorder now, I'll link to a couple of options. If you'd prefer another store, please check their website as Vampire Hunter is available for preorder at many different stores.

Preorder at Book Depository
Preorder at