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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Believe it or not, this post isn't about my house. Although be prepared. It's not too much longer until I close and then you will be getting more stories. Sorry, but it's like my number one topic of conversation and look on the bright side. You're not stuck in the office with me all day like my coworkers are. :-)

I'm a big proponent of drinking water. That's my beverage of choice like 99% of the time and sometimes, to break things up, I'll drink one of those flavored waters like Sobe or Propel. Part of why it's a now and then thing for me is the cost. To say it in Minnesotan, they're a little spendy.

And then at work, I saw someone use a water enhancer.

I'm probably the last one to know about them, but I loathe grocery shopping. I go in with a list and my goal is to get out as fast as it's humanly possible to do so. No doubt I've wheeled past them a number of times and never noticed.

Armed with my new knowledge, I went online and ordered a variety 3-pack. Lemonade, Strawberry-watermelon, and Berry-pomegranate.

I'm meh about the strawberry-watermelon, but I love the other two flavors and it's cheaper than the bottled flavor water and probably better for the environment (plastic bottles). From now on, it's water enhancers for me, but I still will keep it to once a day (most days) because I'm sure that's healthier.