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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Adventures In Painting

I didn't think I was going to have to do any painting to my new house. I liked the colors and I thought I could get the marks off easily enough with Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser (not a paid endorsement of any sort. I didn't get any free product or anything. I just used this product on my walls and it was truly magic.), but the laundry room... Well, the laundry room had far too many marks on the wall to even attempt to clean them. Paint became the answer.

Needless to say, I didn't have any painting supplies in Atlanta. This required a trip to Home Depot (again, not a paid endorsement. With all the money I'm spending in their store, though, they should be advertising for ME. ;-). After spending a fortune, I left with a gallon of wall paint, a quart of door paint, a quart of ceiling paint, and rollers, brushes, plastic tarps, painter's tape, etc.

Taping up the room wasn't fun, but that happened more or less uneventfully. I confess to some profanity, but taping off can be a challenge.

Apparently, painting was a challenge for me, too. It started when I tried to pour paint into the pan and got it all over the side of the can. I also dripped on the plastic tarp.

That wasn't the only issue I had. I leaned forward several times only to stick my hair into the freshly painted wall. Later, I accidentally leaned into the freshly painted wall. I hit my leg with the roller and you don't even want to see the wire shelving in the room. Yeah, it was dripping paint. In my defense, they're nearly impossible to paint around.

And because we didn't have a ladder yet--the movers were coming with my stuff the next day--we couldn't paint up high. Yep, the job isn't done. More painting adventures await. Hopefully, though, I'll have before and after shots to post and it will be worth the pain.