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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Blogging Ahead

I usually don't write my blog posts more than a week ahead. There are exceptions, like when I wrote a bunch of posts while I was up in Minnesota in April. I was inspired, I guess. Or when I know I'm going to be on vacation or away from the computer for some other reason.

Right now, I'm writing blog posts ahead because I won't have internet for two weeks after I move into my new home and because I have an August 15 deadline for a story, so my plan is to write all the posts through that date.

After Aug 15th, I'll share pictures of my new house with my things in it. This will be such a big deal for me because I've been living with almost all my things for a year and a half while I worked in Atlanta and still had my house in MN.

The problem with writing ahead right now is it's because I have to, not because I feel inspired. Actually, all I feel right now is exhausted. Moving is a lot of work and there's still more to do.

Tomorrow, my dad and I will paint the laundry room. The house was mostly in good shape, but this room is just banged up beyond washing away the marks on the walls. Easier just to paint over them before the washer and dryer arrive.

Monday the movers arrive with my stuff from Minnesota.

Tuesday a second set of movers will move my stuff from temporary housing to my permanent home.

Then, sometime after this, but in the near future, I need to get a Georgia driver's license and license plates. And still make my Aug 15 deadline.