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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coming Soon! A New Story In the Blood Feud World

I turned in my next story last week and turned it in to Harlequin. It will be part of their Nocturne Cravings line, which means erotica paranormal romance.

As far as I know, the title will be Phoenix Burning. At least I haven't been asked to submit alternate titles yet. I'm hoping this one sticks because coming up with names for a story is excruciating. I suck at titles.

Anyway, before I digress too far, the title looks as if it will be Phoenix Burning and it's scheduled to come out January 2014.

This isn't the best blurb ever and I don't have time to do a better job just now, but I hope this makes sense:

Vampire enforcer Ivar LeBlanc has been assigned to bring in the male who killed the clan lord's human beloved several centuries earlier. He's watching the daughter, Phoenix Cahill, waiting for her father to make an appearance.

Ivar has a small problem, though--Phoenix makes him burn with desire--and his life gets more complicated when it becomes clear that the woman he's staking out is being hunted by another vampire. Protecting Phoenix means sticking even closer than what he's already doing.

Phoenix has been taught all her life what the guidelines are for feeding and number one is: Don't feed too close to home. Ivar is her next door neighbor. Number two is: Don't feed from the same person twice. But she can't resist Ivar and she doesn't want to, not even if it means breaking all the rules because he makes her feel alive and she doesn't want to give him up.