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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Organization Finds Space

I've lamented before about how hard it is for me to stay organized. I do my best, but somehow things always end up in chaos. As I was working in the kitchen on Sunday, I realized I come by it honestly. My parents are much, much more disorganized than I am.

It all started when I spotted those stands that can be used to stack dishes in two tiers. Because of the height of the shelves in my cabinets, I can't use them there, but I told my dad to put them in the pantry. He hadn't. They were sitting on the counter, taking up space, and on Sunday, I decided enough was enough. They were going into the pantry now.

To say the pantry was crammed would be understating it and I'd kind of resolved myself to not having quite enough room in there. Then I started taking things out to put the stands in and realized things were just put anywhere.

Let me state right here that I know how lucky I am that my parents were willing to come down here and help me unpack after my move. I'm definitely not complaining and I'm grateful for every box they emptied.

But to say my dad has an interesting idea on what belongs in the pantry would understate things. I pulled out vitamins and cleaner for the coffee maker and assorted other things. Since I had the pantry taken apart anyway, I decided I would organize the entire thing.

And lo and behold after I took out the stuff that didn't need to be there, put in the tiered dish stands, stacked a few cans, and put like items with like items it turned out I have plenty of room in there. So much room that there's even empty space there now. True, not much, but it's a heck of a lot more than I had before, but more importantly, I can see what I have now and find it without having to move things around.

Now it makes me wonder how much room I'll find when I reorganize my cabinets. Maybe I'll even find a place to put my toaster.